L Blade RH 3/8 Standard Tilt with Hardonite


NW 66T

This is a standard tilt 3/8 inch RH “L” blade with Hardonite layer.

Hardonite™ is Ideal for Agricultural Applications

Hardhitter self-sharpening edge 
The self-sharpening effect comes from the unique wear pattern established by the Hardonite layer. The softer base metal wears at a greater rate exposing the coating at the leading edge. This wear pattern results in a consistent tool performance throughout the parts life.

Low cost wear coating for highly abrasive applications
Unlike hand-welded hardfacing, the Hardonite coating is smooth and uniform, as well as, more consistent from piece to piece. Hardonite is applied as a flow coating and permits the mass production of low cost, durable coated parts. Hardonite extends the wear life of a high volume part without driving the cost to unacceptable levels.

Hardonite process is customized for the application offers a series of custom Hardonite formulations depending on the application requirements. The Hardonite material consists of a combination of proprietary metal alloy powders, carbides, binding agents and viscosity control components. A liquid agent is added to control the viscosity, depending on the application requirement and physical part shape.


Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 6 in
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