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Welcome to Northwest Tillers! At Northwest Tillers we've been building rugged, versatile, high-quality tillers for many various applications for over fifty years! Our tillers feature cutting-edge technology and features that have been developed and field-tested to provide you with the best tiller possible.

Versatile Equipment

Each tiller's ease of adjustability allows you to convert from a bedder to a cultivator, full till, or strip till quickly and efficiently. Northwest Tillers are available from four feet to thirty feet in length, with single or dual drive, one to twelve rows with any size row center, and each tiller is built to the customer's specifications.

Rugged Durability

Plan on a long life expectancy with a Northwest Tiller. Every unit is hand-manufactured with extreme precision and is constructed out of American-made 3/8" and 1/2" steel, with triple seal bearings protect critical moving parts. A heavy duty gear box incorporates a reliable gear and pinion system that just doesn't quit. A hardened three inch by three inch solid square shaft is built into every tiller to handle stones and other tough debris. These features, along with a sensible two-piece rotor design, are just part of what makes a Northwest Tiller stand out above the competition.

Sales and Parts

For sales and parts, please contact Mike Marquis or Josh Marquis at 1-800-204-3122, or click here to contact us by email.

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