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About Northwest Tillers

For more than 50 years Northwest Tiller has developed and refined tiller technology and has field tested it in the Yakima Valley’s tough river rock conditions. Our unique patented belt drive system ensures you get a smoother, finer till, guaranteed. The belt absorbs the shock load of soil and debris, improving the overall life of the tiller, tractor, and PTO. Northwest Tiller is the exclusive manufacturer and seller of belt-drive tillers.

The diversity of American agriculture is another important factor in the design of the Northwest Tiller. Features like our adjustable rotors make the most versatile tiller in Bed Forming, Strip Tilling, Cultivating, and Forward and Reverse Tilling. From breaking virgin ground, cutting alfalfa, pasture, orchards, to preparing ground for seeding and drainage, we make the most adaptable tiller on the market to date.

Another reason to purchase a Northwest Tiller is the one pass benefit. Traditionally, preparing a field for planting has involved the use of a plow, disc, and harrow. At least three trips over the same ground are required to break the ground, reduce the clod size, and smooth the soil. A Northwest Tiller will break virtually any ground, slicing and mixing the soil to a perfect tilth. This amounts to reduced fuel, operating time, tractor wear and tear, and soil erosion, resulting in more profit.

A popular method used to increase efficiency is adding a drill or planter behind the tiller, allowing you to seed as the tiller forms the bed, and takes advantage of the peak conditions for even faster germination and growth. Additionally, more and more farmers are turning to incorporation of chemicals into the soil, achieving maximum value and effectiveness when using pesticides and herbicides. Our exclusively designed mesh roller attachment lets you repack and texture the soil after tilling for reduced erosion and increased moisture retention.

We don’t mass-produce our tillers, meaning each one manufactured is built to the customer’s exact measurements and needs. Tillers are available in sizes ranging from 4 feet to 20 feet wide, in one-foot increments. We can build single row to multiple row machines. Incorporating years of customer ideas and suggestions, each machine is carefully built by hand, ensuring you the toughest, most durable tiller you can buy. When the need arises, parts and service are readily available.

Unparalleled Belt Drive System

Features the world-renowned Northwest Tiller shock absorbing belt drive system. Proven in the field for over 60 years our innovative belt drive design utilizes spring-loaded belts that help absorb shock from rocks, stumps or other debris. The alternative to designs that transfer damaging shock to expensive tractor components.