Strip Till

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Northwest Strip Till

Prepares strips for planting while leaving rows of crop residues for soil enhancement by breaking down the soil completely and returning nutrients to it through the incorporation of the existing root system from 6” to 12” strips.  Raise stronger, more uniform crops and save time and money by doing the job in One Pass.  One and done, done right!

Strip Till Features

  • Saving Labor, Fuel, Equipment cost, Smaller Footprint
  • In one pass this unit prepares strips in your field for planting while leaving organic matter helping in wind and water erosion.
  • The seedbeds prepared by this unit provide excellent soil to seed contact for better germination allowing increased yields
  • While incorporating any plant remnants, allowing the plant root systems to develop freely resulting in stronger stands and uniform emergence
  • This method is ideal for onions, beans, corn, cotton, soybeans,
    carrots as well as many other crops.
  • Built in the USA

Additional Features

  • Innovative two-piece internal rotor design
  • Impact Resistant plastic liner reduces soil adhesion inside the tub. 
  • 3″ Square solid stranded steel rotor shaft – handles rocks and other tough debris
  • Heavy duty triple sealed gearbox utilizes proven ring and pinion components and an external oil cooling system so you can keep going under the most severe conditions

The Northwest Minimum Tillage can save you time and money by planting in only ONE
PASS while increasing yields.

Watch the Northwest Strip Tiller In Action

Unparalleled Belt Drive System

Features the world-renowned Northwest Tiller shock absorbing belt drive system. Proven in the field for over 60 years our innovative belt drive design utilizes spring-loaded belts that help absorb shock from rocks, stumps or other debris. The alternative to designs that transfer damaging shock to expensive tractor components. 


  • Conservation
  • Corn
  • Cotton

  • Cover Crop
  • Minimum Till
  • Onions

  • Plant Protection
  • Soil Protection
  • Soy Beans


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