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Vineyard Inside Drive Tiller

Northwest’s patent-pending Vineyard unit mixes soil, including leaves and other prunings, up to 2-8 inches; allowing for a smoother surface and less stress on harvesting equipment.  This incorporator removes the berms from between your rows and leaves the floor level for irrigating and harvesting.

Vineyard Tiller Features

  • Designed to promote better water penetration
  • Deeper till with better incorporation
  • Prepares ground for planting a healthy cover crop
  • Provides a cleaner field for reduced pests
  • Quicker germination
  • Built in the USA

Additional Features

  • Innovative two-piece internal rotor design
  • Impact Resistant plastic liner reduces soil adhesion inside the tub. 
  • 3″ Square solid stranded steel rotor shaft – handles rocks and other tough debris
  • 2″ to 14″ tilling depth depending on your application
  • For over 60 years Northwest Tillers has been a leader in Mulching Technology
  • Heavy duty triple sealed gearbox utilizes proven ring and pinion components and an external oil cooling system so you can keep going under the most severe conditions

 The machine of the future, with  60-years of past experience, is the smartest investment you can make today. Available in 48-inch to 68-inch units, the new and improved side belt assembly allows these machines to be compact for narrow width rows. Not your granddad’s tiller, these improved units are heavy enough to stay in the ground to give a smooth floor allowing for less wear and tear on picking machinery and sprayers

Watch the Vineyard Tiller In Action

Unparalleled Belt Drive System

The Northwest Rotary Tiller; is known throughout the world for its unique drive technology. Both our side belt drive and our 6 belt spring loaded drive system help reduce overall size allowing for narrow application. These designs help protect your tractor and PTO as well. It safeguards tractor investment and reduces crucial down times by absorbing shock. 


  • Hops

  • Table Grapes

  • Vineyards


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