Orchard Floor Management

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Orchard Tiller

Till-Level-Roll—IN ONE PASS.  Here is a tool that gives you an ROI. It incorporates soil with shredded prunings, mummies, leaves, and weeds – creating a clean sterile floor. While using this worked tilth, level, and float filling holes and firming the orchard floor IN ONE PASS. Clean up post-harvest trash firm windrows while leveling orchard floor IN ONE PASS.  While promoting tree health working & organic material back into soil. We can combat compaction and improve water penetration. No wash boarding on orchard floor. Made in U.S.A.

Orchard Tiller Features

  • Clean up post harvest trash and prunings in ONE PASS
  • Enrich soil with organic nutrients for better tree health
  • Reduce soil compaction for better water penetration
  • Save on maintenance, fuel, and labor
  • Most heavy duty machine on the market
  • Built in the USA

Additional Features

  • Innovative two-piece internal rotor design
  • Impact Resistant plastic liner reduces soil adhesion inside the tub. 
  • 3″ Square solid stranded steel rotor shaft – handles rocks and other tough debris
  • Heavy duty triple sealed gearbox utilizes proven ring and pinion components and an external oil cooling system so you can keep going under the most severe conditions

Northwest’s Orchard Floor Management Mulcher incorporates your prunings with 2 to 4 inches of soil,  removes the berm between your rows, allows nutrients to enrich tree growth and ensures less organic matter at harvest time.  Available from 7-feet to 12-feet in 1-foot increments, with an optional power roller that seals the floor creating a level surface with no ruts, holes or crowning of your floor, allowing for faster harvesting and greater yields.  Our tillers are hand made here in the USA  for your application, with multi-purpose uses with each unit.

Watch the Northwest Orchard Tiller In Action

Unparalleled Belt Drive System

Features the world-renowned Northwest Tiller shock absorbing belt drive system. Proven in the field for over 60 years our innovative belt drive design utilizes spring-loaded belts that help absorb shock from rocks, stumps or other debris. The alternative to designs that transfer damaging shock to expensive tractor components. 


  • Almonds
  • Orchards
  • Walnut

  • Cherries
  • Pistachio

  • Nuts
  • Tree Fruit


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